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The naturally endowed queen of Idoma land, her Excellence, Queen Comfort Akumjum Elle, presents "Show the love, give the needy" Valentine project for 2019. 

Queen Comfort Akumjum Elle has been known for her tiredlessly philanthropic giving and movement in helping the less privileged ones in Idoma land.

Comes 14 of February, 2019 is another great day specially set aside by her to philanthropically visit the needy in their respective environs especially the general hospital, Otukpo, Benue State.

It is a well known fact that givers never lack! She has been giving to the less privileged ones among us, that is why she never lack in her life. "In giving, you shall receive".

Queen Comfort Akumum Elle seeks for your support in order to reach out to these less privileged ones in amazing ways. A token from you can go a long way to help the needy. Kindly support our one and only qeen of Idoma land in order to carry out this project in awesome way.

Valentine is a time to show love. Give what you have to those who don't have.

According to Queen Comfort, " Valentine is all about showing love, not just to our lovers, but the sick and less privileged among us".

"Your little token can assist me put a smile on their faces on this special day"', she said.

Find her contact details on the picture below. For any enquiry, feel free to ring her. And for support, credit the account number you are seeing on the picture below.

Thanks in anticipation for supporting the Queen of Idoma land, her Excellence, Queen Comfort Akumjum Elle.

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